A Small But Successful Website Project

A Small But Successful Website Project

Inhouse vs Outsourcing

Recently a independent artist came to us with a small project – they had been having their website built for over year by a freelance designer and they just need that final push to get it online they where getting the final amends done before the hand over from their designer. What did they needed help with from Reeves? Essentially what where the next steps of getting the finished site on a domain and live.
Reeves helped by guiding client through technical side of domain names, DNS configuration and finally website / email hosting which is essentially helping with final stages of getting the site actually live with a weeks deadline and ensuring analytics were in place along with any final amends.


Working with an ISP and Domain name registrar ensured the hosting was configured and setup – helping the client who had not even had a website before through the technicalities ensuring they didn’t have worry about the how but the when it would be ready.


Next steps where working with the other third party web designer to grant relevant upload access and manage the installation of analytics and final amends in time for the clients go live date.


Although this was a relatively small project it was a good example albiet on a small scale of how we can work with a number of third parties to get a project finished and clients deadline met.