Why work with Reeves Marketing?

We offer our customers straight forward costing that they can predict and understand. We don’t do cheap initial deals and then rack up prices for the next piece of work we genuinely build long term relationships with our clients.

Inhouse vs Outsourcing

How are we similar to other Marketing Agencies?

Let’s not kid ourselves we do share similarities with other marketing agencies but that said not all marketing agencies that offer the same services as us deliver them with a consistently high quality and have a proven track record.

We have experienced designers, developers and project managers ready to take on your marketing project and take the initial ideas to produce a fantastic end product.

We can take on all aspects of marketing production; graphic design, website design, brand identity, campaign planning, email marketing, website development and of course project management.

Our design team shares a wealth of  and stay at the forefront of modern techniques and technologies which helps us really translate your plans into fantastic art work.

Setting us apart

What sets us apart from other Marketing Agencies?

We have an incredibly high client retention rate because we deliver good service and successful projects for our clients.

We will challenge your thinking and requirements with few to really getting a clear and deliverable set of objectives.

Upfront and honest – what does this mean even with the best intentions in the real world projects sometimes hit delays and hitches we come to you and support you through this we don’t disappear or stop communicating when the going gets tough? We keep in touch good or bad and support you through your marketing project.

We prepare and organise ourselves extremely well which means we don’t over promise and keep you informed if we need more information, clarity and if we have delays. We believe in open up front communication with our clients not excuses and avoidance tactics.


What can we deliver for you?

Design or email we have a lot of expertise in both UX/UI web design, email design and offline print, stationary and adverts.

Websites build and development – we can work with any html based site, php coded system this includes custom and open source technologies like; WordPress, Joomla or Open Cart. We can also work on .net applications both custom and open source or corporate solutions.

Email Marketing We have experienced developers who can develop successful integrations and email marketing solutions

Project Management – We can step and help and do our best to rescue replan, re cost and get your project back on track.

Hosting – Need advice on hosting and domain names we can help be the bridge between you and the technical side of getting a website live and maintaining it.

- Our Project Approach

We approach every project with the same attitude we can do and we will do our very best for the client. No matter what the project we don’t chase just the sexy ones and we enjoy a challenge.

Our aim is always the same to help you stand out from the group within your market using consistent branding and utilising effective design to grab attention with your customers.

Need help with

New Concept

Starting a new business, brand or direction is a very exciting time and selecting a pro-active, energetic and passionate agency partner will help drive your concept to market.

At Reeves we often get involved at initial concept stage and have experience in what it takes to get a project from the drawing board into market.

Project Rescue

What is project rescue well if your project stalled, or run into difficulties, we can really help turn it around and drive it forward. We have no problem working with pre-existing plans, designs, or code. We can adapt and improve your current situation, and drive your marketing forward again.

Sometimes agencies and freelancers take on more work than they can handle or is outside of their expertise leading to projects stuck, over budget or undeliverable.

We can step in, and help and do our best to rescue re-plan, re cost and get your project back on track. Often a fresh perspective can really help get a successful delivery from even the most challenging starts.


Selecting a agency partner to evolve your existing project, brand needs to be a considered step. The Last thing you need is a throw away all your past good work – at Reeves we don’t believe in throwing everything away and starting again. We are as happy working with existing brands, designs and websites so your evolution plans will be in safe with us.

- What we bring to a project

When we work on your project we do more than just project management we offer change management services – we support your team through system and process change and provide training where possible.

We are a business interface between the IT and the business and we can translate business requirements into delivery through understanding both sides and ensuring we stay close to the project and stakeholders.

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