Email marketing strategy

Email marketing strategy

We recently helped a client improve their current email marketing strategy.

Main objectives of the project

  1. Reduce unsubscribes
  2. Improve open rates
  3. Encourage more leads from emails

This required us to look at what had gone before and understand the statistics of past mailing campaigns.

Unfortunately until this point the client had not analysed this in any level of detail and therefore had missed segmentation opportunities.

Therefore our starting point was an in depth at how they’re email list was already engaging with their communications. Allowing us to alter how the email groups where organised. Starting simple but avoiding members simply sitting in ‘march leads 15’ regardless or their engagement propensity. We therefore looked at ‘highly engaged’ members and also bouncers and non engaged.

This process allowed us to join up with the existing tele marketing campaign giving the telemarketers more information about how prospects had interacted with the last email campaign.

Joining up their email marketing campaign with their other communications greatly increased overall sales lead generation and really allow us to further develop targeting.

This allowed tele and email to truly compliment each other and allow lead swapping and targeting that deliver quickly.