How much should your first Ecom site cost?

How much should your first Ecom site cost?


We have recently consulted and built a Ecommerce Store for a client this is their first step into selling online – when we first met they opened with a question we’ve been asked many times so we thought would make a good post – How much should a Ecommerce Website cost?

Like with most things prices can be anything from £400 to thousands depending on what specification you need.

Where did we start for this client;

  1. How many products did they have to sell – how big was the range?
  2. How frequently will this range change / new ranges be launched?
  3. What payments types did they want to be able to take?
  4. What is the scale of the project – is it a pilot what sort of customer numbers are they expecting in the first 18 months ?
  5. Aside from the store functionality what else did their website need to offer?
  6. Most importantly what is their current web traffic levels and what where they forecasting?

Unfortunately at the early stage they didn’t know the answers to any of the questions – but not long after a couple of meetings they started getting the initial information they needed to help come to a decision.

Why are each of the above questions a good place to start – well taking 1 – 5 you can get a good idea what the internal infrastructure needs to be if a client only has 10 products which change by 1 – 2 a month its a very different workload to 1000 – 2000 per week therefore the level of complexity of the backoffice changes significantly.

Number 4 of course determines how much risk the client is taking – why over spec and pay too much for a pilot keep it simple and see how it trades if the solution is built correctly it should be scalable if business takes off.

Lastly how big is the current traffic base and what is the forecast is probably the single most important factor the client has to consider as to whether the business case stacks up of course if they are unsure then starting small is often best way to go.