Some Ideas for Email Marketing Copy

Some Ideas for Email Marketing Copy


Heres Some Ideas For Effective Email Copy


While social media marketing might get a lot of the attention these days, email marketing can still be one of the most effective ways to reach customers and engage your audience.  In fact both B2C and B2B marketers rely on email campaigns to be crucial to their success – often being the last driver to purchase.  Whether you are a B2B or a B2C marketer, a important to improving response rates is to improve your copy. The contents and subjects of emails drive conversion rates and help deliver you results from your campaigns.


A few tips for effective email marketing copy improvements and really drive your responsive rates higher


  • Keep Subject Lines Short – Emails with short and concise subject lines consistently have higher opening rates. Short lines also helps you control how the email appears when displayed in the recipients inbox especially when now working with responsive templates.  This is so important as Desktops, mobile phones and tablets all display subject lines differently  so it is crucial to communicate the most important information in the beginning of the subject line, most importantly to avoid it getting cut off!  Short subject lines also allow the opportunity to really leverage your brand identity.  If you have already established a good relationship with your email list, try including your brand name in the subject line.  This will induce the positive feelings have for your brand and compel them to open your email.


  • Ask Questions and Convey Urgency – Asking a question in the subject line is a really effective way to grab your readers interest, urging them to open your email. Time sensitive promotions and specific deadlines can also generate immediate action by creating a sense of urgency. Relating these actions to issues / current affairs also helps especially with product promotions and tied into seasonal activities.


  • Appeal to Your Subscribers Self-Interest – Ultimately customers only care about products and services in the context of ‘whats in it for me’. Your copy should clearly describe the benefit they will receive and why they should use your product or service.  ‘Features tell but benefits sell’, go beyond describing features and explain core benefits – this will hit the sweet spot that drive purchases.  Using the example of selling an dress, describing its features, such as its Cotton and fitted will answer the ‘what’ it is but not the ‘how and why’ it should be used.  Explaining a dress or brands benefits, such as bring a show stopping piece for any office party – the cuts really show off your figure and really going into what the dress can give the consumer and why they need it.


  • Support Your Message with Effective Design – Your email design should support and complement the message of your design without detracting from it. Good design makes it easy for readers to engage with the content quickly and a good piece of design sends the same message to everyone who sees it.  Functionally things like links should have clear prompts to guide the readers through the copy, and social media icons should be at the end to prevent readers from clicking them before they’ve engaged with the content.


  • Use a Clear Call to Action – Clear, benefit-centric calls to action result in the highest click through rates. Avoid using generic ‘click here’ call to action.  Instead create one that cues the reader to the next step such as ‘download your free report now!’ or ‘Click to save 20% off your order!’  Using clear links and easy to find buttons is equally important to help your readers find and complete your calls to action.