Selecting the right project manager

Selecting the right project manager


We get asked a lot from clients and prospective clients what makes a good Project Manager and why do we need one for our marketing project?

Ideal qualities

Experienced in delivering

Monitor tasks – schedule and look at team overloads and inconsistencies

Query and challenge optimistic delivery dates – including can problems be solved within the put

Manage and adjust project timescales

The project manager ensures accountability for milestones – will require support from project sponsors

Handle conflicts effectively – by ensuring a safe and open forum exists to air problems and essentially gets to the bottom of any issues

Finding the right Project Manger

Is there one in your team now with the right expertise?

If not the quickest route to securing a resource is to get a contract fixed term this is something where Reeves can help.

What we can offer Reeves Marketing

Experience in delivering front end website projects, CRM projects and custom developments for websites

Flexible project management solutions

All of our delivered marketing projects are run through our project management team giving you piece of mind your in experienced hands.

We can work solo or be used to supplement existing internal resource.