Visiting Trade Shows With Clients

Visiting Trade Shows With Clients

Image taken at the CV Show Exhibition

We often get suggest visit to a trade show with our clients, especially when we’re new to their market. This really does provide invaluable insight to competition and potential clients and customers and gives us some real collateral and first hand experience of what the market.

For clients who aren’t exhibiting themselves as well its a good combined team learning experience and refresher for the internal marketing team as well as the agency.

Here are a few benefits of attending trade shows

  • First hand what are competition doing
  • What are the competition offering
  • Which brands are attracting the most interest
  • Speak to potential clients informally
  • Even be able to speak to┬áthe competition
  • Speak to competition and get first hand experience of their approach

In summary

Trade shows really show case the sectors best and it really helps to get amongst them and see what they are offering, how their brands are being presented and what new products or services are new to the market.

Generally as well they are free to get in and therefore offer a really cost effective way of getting some market research done. This includes seeing how marketing in the sector is already done, new product launches and seeing and meeting prospective clients.

What Reeves Marketing can offer

Reeves has experience in facilitating new exhibition stand and marketing plans around exhibiting but experiencing the individual sectors largest shows especially for new start ups really helps get in amongst your sector and see what your competitors really look like.